Discover Life on Your terms.

Find out what you REALLY want in LIFE, gain Access to your Unique Strengths, and become an Effective Communicator.

49 days from start date
and you have shifted from passenger seat into the driver seat of your life.

Launch of the brand new course:
Monday 19. September 2022

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If you finish the course by the end day you get 100 Euros finisher reward back

(26 & under 200 Euro)

The Driving License for Life is designed for you, and with the intention to ease you into the next phase of your life.

To the person who wants to live a life in the driver seat:

Are you curious to know what you’re really capable of?

Are you fantasizing what your future will look like?

You have big dreams you’d like to achieve, and up until now you keep them hidden inside of you?

In this program, you’ll discover how to rise above the uncertainty and self-doubt that blocks you from your aspirations - so you can grow, explore, and achieve to your fullest potential.

This is your invitation to craft your life full of confidence, clarity and curiosity. You are excited about the road ahead. This course will change your life.

Life can be challenging

You have come so far. You have made choices after choices. Endless decisions have brought you to this point. You are here right now.

Decisions about education, your career and maybe you have already started a second career or are thinking about your dream job. Your family and partner are demanding your attention, you have commitments which are feeling heavy and ....

in the midst of all of this: There is you....figuring out who you really REALLY are and what you’re good at, to how to be successful in life - there’s so much thinking going on. Am I right?

But what if you had an easier way to deal with all the stress and expectations most people deal with?

In fact what if you could tap into the Confidence, Clarity, and Curiosity to fill your life with JOY and HAPPINESS and design the life you imagine - as easily as swiping to the left?

This is what this program is offering.

Do you want to feel tremendously excited about designing your life without all the emotional pain ...

...without feeling like someone else is in charge and you are just sitting in the Passenger Seat of your own life?

You are functioning day by day and life is happening. You are facing each day to the best of your abilities but something is not quite right, yet. Maybe...

  • You feel stuck and don't know how to move forward
  • You feel disconnected to the real you in the world
  • You think you don't know enough about yourself
  • You question yourself all the time
  • You are giving too much of yourself for the benefit of others (job, family, community)
  • You are tired of other people telling you want is right for you
  • You have tried so many things and read so many books
  • You feel stressed about time
  • You feel misunderstood in your communication
  • You feel pressured to succeed
  • You fear that you are not good enough
  • You're overwhelmed by life
  • You feel pushed in so many directions
  • You're afraid of not fitting in
  • You envy others who seem to have it all figured out
  • You don't know where to start

This is stopping you from being fully YOU to create the life of your dreams.

Deep down you want to believe that life can be fun, joyful and tremendously fulfilling. You know that you want to make the best of this life! You have a deep desire for an abundant life and are ready to learn about yourself.

If you can find yourself even slightly in any of the above statements ...

.. this Driving License for Life program is for you.

What others want to tell YOU

Here are real students with real experiences, and they want you to know...

Joschi (Germany) participated in the LIVE program.

He prefers the LIVE version as coaching calls offered extra value, motivation and community.

More voices

Patrizia (Germany): the course helps to find clarity for your next steps, learn about your beliefs and to fix your habits.

She took part in the LIVE course and the live video calls.

Isabell (Germany) finds it now easier to focus on the beautiful in life and has integrated the learnings of the course into her life.
(Student chose the on-demand version)

Hi, I’m Julia

Super thrilled we meet. You might want to know why I am here.

In my mid 20's I was fortunate to learn about the Power of the Mind and about Effective Communication.

This had a massive and groundbreaking impact on my life ever since, and now is the time to expand and share the learnings with YOU.

I am conscious about myself, aware of my life decisions, take responsibility for my actions, am full of dreams and know that trusting myself and the greater good is my path. I see this infinite potential in others too.

The journey is the destination - So whilst being here, I intend to spread Happiness into all my interactions.

After years of study in the field of Neurolinguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Human consciousness, this course encompasses all my knowledge and presents a great opportunity for young adults to start their personal growth journey.

I believe Happiness is Homemade, so let me show you how you are in charge, how you can be the driver of your life.

Join me and you get

  • Daily Video Lessons for an immersive learning and transformation experience. Micro-content that will guide you step by step deeper into the discovery of your new Self. (Monday-Friday)

  • Weekly LIVE Group Calls 60 min to directly connect with me. Guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired. With the possibility to get coached one-to-one

  • 14 powerful mindset tools to enhance and sustain the transformation

  • Powerful exercises to boost your progress and allow you to make the shift from passenger seat into the driver seat. This is the moment of implementation, you can Netflix later.

  • Downloadable Course Workbook, to enrich your learning

  • A private community of like-minded people who learn alongside you, to deepen the experience, support each other, get feedback, share your insights and have FUN together. An integral part of your transformation.

  • Self-assessment of your progress

  • Access via teachable platform, slick and easy to navigate for your convenience

  • Certificate of completion: Driving License for Life


The Curriculum

Driving License for Life Curriculum

Your Driving License for Life program includes 7 weeks / 49 daily micro-contents designed to enrich and elevate you into your best self- all hosted on the Teachable platform for easy access and modern design.

In just 20 minutes per day, each video guides you through the topic of the day including exercises that will give you access to your dormant unique powers - like deep self-awareness, knowledge about the human mind and emotions, and the confidence and determination to achieve anything you can desire.

With all my love, passion and energy I have crafted this course as an experience for you to GROW and THRIVE. I am certain that this program will alter your life, will change the course of your life.

All this is for YOU, if.... show up open, and meet me half way, and are fully committed to a 7 week mental road trip, and still have fun and ease along the are in the right place.

By the end of the program, you’ll have everything you need to make an epic positive impact in your life, all the people around you and even on the planet.

It’s time to live on your terms.

It's time to drive your life from the driver seat.

Why 7 weeks?

The course is complete after 7 weeks, all parts are important. Studies have shown that deep transformative change is a process. The course is designed to incrementally build up.

GOOD NEWS: The first 4 weeks, are jam-packed with content. You get knowledgeable, your awareness is intensified and you actually get a feel what your life is like from the perspective of the driver seat.

GREAT NEWS: You will mentally take your Self out driving your life, being in action for 2 weeks. Kind of like going on test drives in week 5 and 6. Vital part to gaining confidence.

AWESOME NEWS: Week 7 is full of 'booster' content, which will make you a mentally strong, observant and a curious driver of your life.

If you compare it to a car: It's like that all parts of a car are integral and work best together, to start the engine, to shift gear, to brake and pause, to turn the lights on, to play a good tune on the radio.

Launch dates

First Official Programme


The moment you enroll and join the program we are opening up the warm up section of the course for you. This includes videos to welcome you and to do a bit of house-keeping before the start Make sure to watch before the beginning of the main content.

Course begins with daily videos

Monday, 19 September 2022 (course content week one)
Warm up videos to be watched prior.

Course ends at

Sunday, 6 November 2022 (course content week 7)

Important time frame: to redeem your Finisher Reward, you shall finish by November 6th.

If you can not finish at that time, you"ll still be able to access the content for 5 weeks longer, until Dec 11th.

Your investment

Knowing that the program is an investment into your personal growth and development, make sure you are booking the course at the right time. I want to help you make decisions and help act on your intuition. If you have a sense that this course is the thing for you, then go ahead and act.

Enroll now.

Standard rate:

999 Euros

If you finish the course by the end day you get 100 Euros finisher reward back
(26 & under, 200 Euro)

VIP Sale:
Limited time only

60 % discount

999 Euros ---> 399 Euros

If you finish the course by the end day you get 100 Euros finisher reward back
(26 & under 200 Euro)

& you get an incredible personal VIP bonus:

1-2-1 VIP Call: 25 min

VIP Group Call: 60min 15.09.22 5pm CET

Course Curriculum

  Hi there! Here is your Warm-up
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 1 Your Human Experience
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 2 Your interior design
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 3 How YOU matter
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 4 Thrive to drive
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 5 Activate your communication
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 6 Cruise control
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 7 Boosters
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

This is your next step


When does the course start?

Monday 19 September 2022

When does it finish?

Sunday 6 Nov 2022

When will I get my finisher reward?

A payment of 100 Euro (200 Euro for 26 and under) will be returned to you after you completed the course, received your certificate of completion on Nov 6 and verified your account details with admin.

Is there a timed deadline for finishing / watching the course?

It is best if you aim to engage with the course daily, that will lead to finishing on 6 Nov. Hooray!

You will be given a bit of leeway, so please bear in mind to finish/have watched all the videos by Dec 12th You will only receive your finisher reward when you finish on 6 Nov.

There is also a 14 days money back guarantee = if you really don't like what you signed up for, you can step out of the program within the first 14 days, no question asked and receive your full money back.

What if I don't want my finisher reward back?

Your Option here is to: Donate it.

All donations will be collected and ready for future students who don't have the funds and who will apply for scholarships.

Do I need to have a Facebook account in order to join the group conversation and the Live Calls?

All conversations will be hosted in a private Facebook group. At the moment this is still globally the Go-To-Platform for group interaction, Live calls and document sharing in a PRIVATE setting.

I will keep being observant of alternatives to Facebook, currently scanning for circle.

Additionally you'll receive emails for reminders, you can even opt for WhatsApp etc.

When is the best time to watch the daily videos?

Best to watch the videos almost first thing in the morning. Not only do they consume the content of the day early, they also feel uplifted and motivated. Yipee! What a great way to start the day.

Simply decide to allow extra time in the morning....and you are all set up.

With this schedule you can also practise the exercises in the duration of the day. Ideal!

How much time do I want to allow each day?

See it as an investment into YOU, which you pay with your time.

20-30 min each day.

The length of the videos varies between 10-20 min, and you'll be prompted to use a journal to capture your thoughts and share your insights in the facebook group.

From experience I know that this can be time consuming, so be mindful, and be as generous with your time here as you can and want. The power of sharing is high, so I encourage you to use this form of communication to deepen your transformation.

This program is meant to happen inside of you. Every change inside, every awakening, every lightbulb moment happens inside.... it is powerful.

The program is also meant to bring you into the position of being the driver of your own life...meaning you are in action OUT THERE.

The program has the potential to impact all of your conversations, your relationships, all situations, so in a way you can use the Facebook group as a middle ground, as a playground, safe space. Between the inside and the outside world.

Will you be available for Questions?

Yes, of course. I am here to support you all the way. I will communicate my office hours.

When are the Live calls happening?

They are going to be weekly, duration 60min. You'll receive a Zoom link to allow you to be on screen with me. This will be streamed into the facebook group. For everyone, who can not attend LIVE the recording will be available for replay in the Facebook group.

Schedule for the LIVE calls tbc.

Can we also communicate in German as English is NOT my mother tongue?

Generally speaking that is possible, we will need to find a viable way forward. The main language of the course is English.

Look, it is depending on the amount of German speaking people who sign up, we might form a further private Facebook group / have German LIVE calls for those who find it more easy and share better in their mother tongue better. On the other hand you can see it as an English language course, added bonus.

It will depend on numbers.

How can I contact you directly, I have got another question/comment?

[email protected]

More stories

Medical Student from Germany

It was a great trip and very enriching!

Julia has put together a great program where you learn a new topic every day! It's super structured and it's really fun to learn new things every day with the help of the "video bites"!

Julia has a rousing, motivating and positive way and manages to inspire you for the content! The program guides you through the process of coming to terms with yourself.

I got to know myself better as a result!

I have already noticed in many everyday situations how what I have learned influences my decisions, my attitude and how I deal with certain situations in different ways!

Thank you, dear Julia!!!!

I would do it again anytime!
(Student of the LIVE version and Live calls)